August 6, 2015

NCE Exam Scoring

The NCE exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions. Of those, 160 are scored to determine whether a candidate receives a passing score. As such, 160 is the maximum score possible. The remaining 40 questions on the exam are field tested to determine their appropriateness for use on a future exam. Since the 40 items that are not scored are not identified in the exam booklet or answer sheet, candidates should answer all 200 questions with equal effort. The NCE is not scored on a curve, so the candidate pool does not influence passing scores. Rather, minimum passing scores are derived from a modified Angoff procedure, a commonly used procedure for estimating the difficulty of multiple-choice items and setting cut scores for multiple-choice tests.

Exam results will be mailed to candidates within 8 weeks of the day of the test. No scores will be released by telephone. A candidate’s score report will include the number of correct responses for each of 13 domains (content areas and work behaviors) and total score; the group mean and standard deviation for each domain and the total score; and the minimum passing score for the particular version of the NCE. If the total score exceeds the minimum criterion score, you’ve passed!

Exam results will be mailed to the address provided at the time of application, so if your address changes, it is your responsibility to notify the NBCC. A change of address can be e-mailed to: Make sure you include your name, all pertinent information, and current address along with the new address.

Scores will not be released until all requirements, including fees, are fulfilled. No scores are released to a third party without a candidate’s written permission. Note that there is a fee charged for sending score verifications to third parties. Cost is $20 per verification (not per exam). Multiple examination scores going to the same location can be verified for the same fee. To request that scores be sent to a third party, candidates will need to complete a Score Verification Request Form from the NBCC.