August 6, 2015

NCE Preparation

Prepare for the National Certification Examination by taking a detailed look at the counselor work behavior categories and specified core areas that are designated for the exam. If you’ve kept any of your textbooks, refresh yourself in these areas by reviewing specifics, techniques, theories, and basic knowledge. Give yourself ample time to review the core areas. Ask yourself what questions you might ask about the behavior categories and core areas and how you might answer them. Some candidates also purchase study materials. You may want to use a NCE study guide or NCE test flashcards to help you with your studying.

Since the NCE exams are offered on only a limited basis in your area, first choose the exam date on which you plan to test, and then establish a study and review schedule to adhere to. Back up the dates to where you might need to start refreshing yourself on content area, and consider even creating a plan that shows what you will focus on during what time period. This way you will be sure to cover all key areas prior to the test date.

If you’ll need to travel to a test site, be sure to take this into account as well. Allow ample time in order to secure desired travel arrangements and accommodations, if needed. If you will commute to the test site, drive to the exact site ahead of time-during the time of day if possible-to best determine when you will need to get there in plenty of time without being in a rush and to allow for potentially heavy traffic.

Once you register for your exam date, be sure to carefully read the materials you will receive to determine what you will need to bring. Have all items pre-packed and ready to go (and in the car, if you’ll be driving) to avoid any possibility of their getting left behind on test day.