August 6, 2015

NCE Test Tips

While you have undoubtedly taken countless examinations previously throughout your years of school, reviewing proper test-taking tips for a multiple choice test is always a good idea so that you are prepared to do your best.

Consider these test-taking tips:

Always thoroughly read the entire question before you attempt to answer.
Consider answering the question in your head first before you read the answer options.
Always thoroughly read all answer choices before choosing the answer. Answering quickly without carefully reviewing multiple-choice options often leads to the “gotcha” trick, resulting in your choosing the incorrect answer.
If you are not absolutely sure of the correct answer immediately, look for answers that you can eliminate, decreasing the field of possible correct answers.
Remember that your first hunch is usually the correct answer; if you’re still not sure of the answer, follow your best instinct.
Always answer the NCE question, even if you’re unsure. The odds of getting it correct are far better than if you leave it blank!
Note the answers that you contemplated before choosing an answer, and if you have time left after you’ve answered all questions, go back to those questions and review the choices again.