August 6, 2015


The National Board for Certified Counselors requires National Certified Counselors to complete continuing education to recertify. NCCs must complete 100 hours of continuing education every 5 years. NBCC uses clock hours, referred to as “hour for hour” credit.

Methods for earning continuing education credits that are accepted by the NBCC, required documentation, and the maximum number of continuing education hours allowable by this method include:

College/university courses (will need copy of transcript/grade report) and no limit as to number of hours allowable
Seminar, workshop, conference (will need copy of certificate or letter of attendance) and no limit as to number of hours allowable
Publications, presentations, and new program development (see NBCC for documentation requirements) and limit of 20 hours allowable
Supervision/consultation (letter from supervisor) and no limit as to number of hours allowable
Dissertations (will need copy of transcript) and limit of 45 hours allowable
Leadership (will need letter of confirmation) and limit of 20 hours allowable
NCCs are also allowed to recertify by taking the National Counselor Examination again in lieu of the 100 hours of continuing education. The exam should be requested in the last year of the 5-year certification cycle in order to count as a recertification standard. Candidates wishing to take the NCE in lieu of continuing education hours should submit a “recertify by examination request form” to the NCBB.

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